At HM Cross & Sons, we supply conveyor systems for everything from contact lenses to 4000 lb. pallets. As one of the leading material handling problem solvers in the Northeast, we supply all types of conveyor systems. Our engineers are material handling experts. We design conveyor systems to meet your requirements and approval. We assemble them on our floor, build the control panels and test them using your parts. You approve our conveyor systems before we ship them. Installations go quickly and smoothly.

HM Cross & Sons distributes general material handling equipment, belt conveyors, roller conveyor, conveyor systems, casters, cranes, hoists, lift tables, workstations, shelving, racking, and ergonomic equipment. 

We distribute mechanical power transmission equipment, V-belts, sheaves, timing belts, roller chains, sprockets, mounted bearings, speed reducers, gear motors, web tension controls, and variable speed drives.

We have the expertise to design drives (see power transmission) and troubleshoot and design web tension control systems. We engineer and install innovative solutions to material handling problems that exceed our customers' expectations. With our material handling solutions and conveyor systems, paybacks are in months not years.

We strongly recommend that as a first step you contact us at (800) 333-0162 or Email Us to discuss your application.

Read what some of our satisfied  customers have to say:

“We were all amazed at how accurately you layed out the unit, it fit perfectly with everything falling into place, we are very happy with the install. If you need a reference feel free to use me.

K.H., Sewage treatment plant manager.. READ MORE 

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