Assembly System Conveyors - Conveyor System For Material Handling 

Asynchronous assembly systems usually involve pallet handling conveyors.

FlexLink has a broad range of standard pallet sizes. Sizes range from 4” square on XL single chain up to 12" square on the heavy-duty XK chain. Precision locating stations, transfers, stops, merges and diverts are available. Standard components mean quick deliveries.

Standard pallets are available in the FlexLink XT twin track conveyor system up to 25" square. These run on rugged flexing chains so we can go round bends while maintaining orientation. Anti-static chain is available. Off line workstation modules, transfers, and precision locating stations are available. Modular construction results in short lead times.

Large products can often be assembled on their shipping container base. We can run these down belt or roller conveyor lines, finishing with closed cases on pallets ready for shipment.

Don’t forget to upgrade and optimize the operator’s space and workstation. BioFit ergonomic chairs and Ergomat anti-fatigue mats can ease the introduction of a new method as well as improve productivity and morale. Eliminate wasted motion with tool balancers and parts presentation flow racks.

Recent Project: Consumer Product Assembly and Packing Line

A million dollar, semi-automated assembly line employing FlexLink XT pallet conveyors with 25" square pallets, roller conveyors to automatically move full gaylords of parts in and remove empties, automated screw drivers, robot un-loader, box erector, XT test conveyors, belt conveyors and an automatic gantry palletizer with stretch wrapper for the 7' high loads of finished goods. The increase in production was so great the customer could go from three shift operation to two.


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