Conveyors - Conveyor Systems For Case Or Carton

There are several ways to approach conveying cartons, boxes or cases, depending on size and weight.

We have utilized FlexLink plastic chain conveyors extensively for small carton handling. The chain can bend in both planes while carrying significant load a long distance. We can easily singulate and elevate cases, sort, accumulate, buffer, merge, inspect and reject, label, tape and then palletize them. The aluminum conveyor beam is very compact and light so it’s easy to suspend in the air to free up floor space.

If you are accumulating, watch out for the effects of back pressure. We have simple case stop designs that we have test run to over 4 million cycles (then we stopped the test). A 24/7 system can require stops to operate a remarkable number of times per year.

Belt conveyors are probably the most cost effective means of conveying larger cartons long distances. Belt driven live roller conveyors can provide zoned accumulation with pneumatic controls. Unfortunately these can become a maintenance headache after time. V-belt driven curves and merges are available.

A more modern approach to zoned accumulation is to use powered rollers configured in zones with electronic controls. Much more reliable and trouble free.

Recent Project: FlexLink Carton Conveying System

Turnkey FlexLink XB conveyor system (7" wide chain) to handle three consumer product production lines. Designed and built to a very aggressive schedule, the three systems included our own design product inserters and linked box erectors, shrink wrappers and case packers.


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