Material Handling Control Systems.

Our electrical engineers are experienced at developing the logic for material handling control systems. They design the control panels to your wiring specifications and the NEC. Once you approve the drawings, we assemble the panels, test them and program them. We build CE marked systems, preparing all the analyses and technical files required. Third party authorized inspectors such as TUV have verified our compliance.

We supply AC drives, DC drives and motors from several manufacturers. Please allow us to recommend equipment suited to your specific application, duty cycle and environment. We can supply a variable speed drive (with motor overload capability) for the cost of a NEMA starter. We have an excellent line of C-face motor/DC variable speed packages. We also have small AC drives that take 115 volt input power, but run a reliable 230 volt three phase motor.

If very close speed control synchronization, indexing, or registration is called for, the Contrex line of electronic controls is tough to beat. They make cut-to-length controls and flying cut-offs straightforward to accomplish.

If repetitive starting and stopping is required, this can often be achieved with an AC drive and SEW Eurodrive gear motor. Their inverter duty motors can tolerate repeated rapid starting and stopping. Combined with an integral high efficiency parallel helical or right angle helical bevel speed reducer, they make a compact, cost effective, reliable package for indexing drives. Close to servo performance for a fraction of the price.

SEW Eurodrive has a UL listed distributed control system using the group motor installation provisions in the NEC. Their field distributors house the frequency inverter, overload protection, brake control, local I/O connections, bus communications, and lockable disconnect. Each one is connected to its motor with a hybrid cable with plugs and sockets, reducing maintenance cost. Using the field distributor as a communications node in the bus greatly reduces field wiring cost. The system greatly reduces control cabinet cost.

If you really want to look like a magician, SEW Eurodrive has a contactless energy transfer system for mobile loads. It employs inductive power transfer via an air gap eliminating drag or friction. Great for long or variable track layouts, clean rooms, high speeds, or wet areas. Each mobile unit can be up to 4 horsepower.

If you need advice on selecting a motor or variable speed drive, a variable speed drive package with control panel, web tension controls, or a material handling controls system, please contact us.


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