Conveying large items such as pallets, engine blocks, railway wheels, foundry molds and 55 gallon drums usually involves chain driven live roller conveyors. A minimum of three rollers should be under the load at all times. Normally, fewer heavier rollers are better than more rollers closer together.

The manufacturers we use have huge selections of roller spacing, roller sizes, and frame widths.

Alternatives to CDLR are belt conveyors or belt over roller conveyors (nice for inclines) and powered rollers. (See our roller conveyor page). Powered rollers are excellent when zoned accumulation is required.

We can insert lift tables in the conveyor to lift the load to a different height, or rotate it. Stops, centering devices, stretch wrappers, pallet banders, pallet dispensers, container tilters, manipulators and palletizers are often required as part of the system with interlocked controls and safety devices.

Don’t forget using the air space. Overhead conveyors (Pacline) and monorails with automatic powered carriers can get heavy loads off the floor or over obstructions.

Recent Project: Strapping, Palletizing and Stretch Wrapping System

Turnkey strapping, palletizing and stretch wrapping system. Straightforward except that we had to handle 13 different pallet sizes of radically different types and heights. The straps (both directions) had to be very accurately placed without bouncing or twisting. The system, including the chain driven live roller conveyor and chain transfers, had to run product backwards as well as forwards.


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