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Unex Span-Track for cartons

  • Fits in existing pallet rack
  • 6", 9", 12" and 15" nominal width
  • Lengths to suit rack beams
  • Full width rollers on 1", 2" or 3" centers
  • 50 lbs/ft. capacity

Frazier also has a proprietary plastic roller type deck for their structural rack.

For pallets, Kornylak Pallet Flo is the solution.

  • Elastomeric hysteresis wheels control the speed of the pallets
  • Wheels arranged either singly or doubled up in steel tracks
  • No brakes needed
  • Flows light and heavy loads in the same lane
  • Warehouse and freezer applications
  • Maintenance free
  • Selection and pitch determined by testing at Kornylak
  • Two or three tracks support the load

For awkward totes or pallets with bottoms that are difficult to convey we have supplied systems with full width rollers with inertial brakes under the rollers. Factory testing of the tote is required.

Recent automotive application:

3000 lb. totes on a multi-tier full width roller system. Loaded by roller decks on lift tables.

Recent warehouse application:

7' tall pallets, 1600 lb. each, running on one double row of wheels in the middle with a single row each side. The system is two levels high by 19 bays wide. Each flow lane holds 20 pallets. Capacity 760 pallets.