Gravity Skatewheel Conveyors

  • Good for light loads that have firm flat bottoms. (Cartons, totes, bins)
  • Skatewheels roll easily so less slope required than rollers
  • Loads track round curves
  • Keep three axles and five wheels under the load
  • Curves often determine width needed. 12" to 30" available widths
    • 8" wide load up to 26" long – 12" OAW conveyor
    • 10" to 16" wide load up to 30" long - 18" OAW conveyor
    • 16" to 20" wide load up to 30" long - 24" OAW conveyor
  • Economical

Gravity Roller Conveyors

  • Huge selection of roller sizes, capacities and widths available
  • Good for loads with firm flat bottoms or runners
  • Select roller centers so a minimum of three rollers under load at all times
  • Slope – heavier, firm surface requires less slope than lighter, softer surface
    • (slopes typically are ¾" to ¼"/foot)
  • Always do a field test to finalize slope
  • Curves may determine width required
  • Normally best to use fewer, higher capacity rollers