Maxiveyor Pallet Conveyor for Machining Centers

  • Our Maxiveyor heavy chain conveyor is designed to run heavy parts through machining centers. This pallet conveyor has proved exceedingly long-lived in chip filled, oil spray environments.
  • Pallets are 300mm x 300mm with a capacity of 80 lbs. per pallet. Total load on the conveyor can be up to 1200 lbs. at 8 to 45 feet/minute speed.
  • Maxiveyors feature a steel chain running on hardened steel slide rail in a continuous loop. The conveyor has an extruded aluminum frame with T slots along its length for mounting control devices. The frame has internal steel reinforcement. A high torque, inverter duty SEW Eurodrive gear motor drives the conveyor.
  • Wheel bend drives, 180 degree idlers, 90 degree turns, drip pans, pallet stops, and pallet locating stations are available.