Slip-Torque Conveyors


Slip-Torque® conveyor technology was pioneered by Shuttleworth in 1972 and has evolved through decades of practical application in numerous industries. It is based on polished stainless steel shafts individually powered by flexible belts on a line shaft or by a continuous chain. These stainless steel shafts are covered with segmented, loose-fit rollers, which become the conveyor surface.

It is the weight of the product being conveyed combined with the coefficient of friction between the shafts and the inside diameter of the rollers that provides the driving force. As the weight of the product increases, there is a corresponding increase in the driving force supplied. As products stop, the segmented rollers beneath them also stop, creating very low back pressure accumulation and reducing product damage.

For very reliable, gentle, low back pressure accumulation on small rollers, chain or belt driven.

  • Printing industry (for unshingled signature stacks)
  • Packaging  (singulating machine infeeds)
  • Diverters  (multi-lane)
  • Combiners
  • Single filers
  • Stackers/destackers
  • Food grade
  • Clean room
  • Solar
  • Health care
  • World wide support, ISO9001 CE
  • 65 types of roller materials including anti microbial, high temperature, conductive, PV coating, explosion proof. 

Quick, clean and gentle transport and accumulation.


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