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Many companies do not purchase material handling equipment over the web (or from a catalog for that matter) because it is vital that material handling equipment is suited to the application. If it isn’t, it may not work, have a short life or even be hazardous.

Our sales engineers are all experienced in the material handling field. Several have thirty years experience. If we recommend equipment for your application and it doesn’t work, we will take it back and give you a full credit.

However, if you would like our excellent 300 page illustrated General Material Handling catalog, please click here. If you see something that is almost, but not quite what you need, please contact us. The catalog features the popular items from 150 manufacturers. They have many more items backing it up. Pricing is intended to be competitive for small quantities. If you have a large volume requirement, please contact us.


H. M. Cross has been providing effective solutions to customers material handling problems for many years. Our policy has been to provide the complete material handling system to effectively handle the load, including the support structure, i.e., bridge crane, monorail, jib cranes, gantry cranes, or manipulator; the lifting device, i.e. hoist, trolley, balancers, servo lift, etc.; and the below the hook tool, i.e. sling, grab, vacuum tool, strong bar, etc.

A survey conducted a few years ago found that 85% of all lifting applications were under 200 lbs. With the OSHA standards for lifting currently in use, we have been applying overhead equipment to assist in the lifting of considerably lighter loads.

We have supplied several clean room cranes. They present interesting challenges mainly determined by the class of clean room. Usually they are handling expensive things and precise positioning is often required.

We strongly recommend that as a first step you contact us at (800) 333-0162 or Email Us to discuss your application.

Material Handling

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Material Handling - Bridge Cranes

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“We were all amazed at how accurately you layed out the unit, it fit perfectly with everything falling into place, we are very happy with the install. If you need a reference feel free to use me".

K.H., Sewage treatment plant manager.. READ MORE