• Industrial Overhead Bridge Craines
  • Application specific
  • Wide variety of spans, tonnages, speeds, lifts
  • Low headroom available
  • Chain or wire rope hoists
  • Top running or under hung
  • Clean room duty


Recent Project: Clean Room Bridge Cranes

Turnkey pair of 2-ton capacity clean room bridge cranes capable of very carefully and accurately positioning components during the assembly of an optical device on two assembly towers. This accurate positioning was obtained with hoisting speeds that ranged from .3 inches per minute to 8 feet per minute. Accurate weighing of the components during assembly was required. Since headroom was limited, we built a scale system into the hoist. We also supplied the assembly towers. We performed very accurate, certified heavy welding and finish machining, holding tight tolerances to thousands of an inch over 12' span. The platforms are 14' high x 19' wide x 12' deep and load tested to 5 tons. The cutting, welding, machining and assembly was all performed in our shop.


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The crane service classification is based on the load spectrum reflecting the actual service conditions as closely as possible. This rating specifies the amount of work a crane or hoist can perform in a given hour.

The CMAA Crane Service Classes are as follows:

CLASS A (STANDBY OR INFREQUENT SERVICE) This service class covers cranes which maybe used in installations such as power houses, public utilities, turbine rooms, motor rooms and transformer stations where precise handling of equipment at slow speeds with long, idle periods between lifts are required. Capacity loads maybe handled for initial installation of equipment and for infrequent maintenance.

CLASS B (LIGHT SERVICE) This service covers cranes which maybe used in repair shops, light assembly operations, service buildings, light warehousing, etc. where service requirements are light and the speed is slow. Loads may vary from no load to occasional full rated loads with two to five lifts per hour, averaging ten feet per lift.

CLASS C (MODERATE SERVICE) This service covers cranes which maybe used in machine shops or paper mill machine rooms, etc., where service requirements are moderate. In this type of service the crane will handle loads which average 50 percent of the rated capacity with 5 to 10 lifts per hour, averaging 15 feet, not over 50 percent of the lift at rated capacity.

CLASS D (HEAVY SERVICE) This service covers cranes which maybe used in heavy machine shops, foundries, fabricating plants, steel warehouses, container yards, lumber mills, etc., and standard duty bucket and magnet operations where heavy duty production is required. In this type of service, loads approaching 50 percent of the rated capacity will be handled constantly during the working period. High speeds are desirable for this type of service with 10 to 20 lifts per hour averaging 15 feet, not over 65 percent of the lifts at rated capacity.

CLASS E (SEVERE SERVICE) This type of service requires a crane capable of handling loads approaching a rated capacity throughout its life. Applications may include magnet, bucket, magnet/bucket combination cranes for scrap yards, cement mills, lumber mills, fertilizer plants, container handling, etc., with twenty or more lifts per hour at or near the rated capacity.

CLASS F (CONTINUOUS SEVERE SERVICE) This type of service requires a crane capable of handling loads approaching rated capacity continuously under severe service conditions throughout its life. Applications may include custom designed specialty cranes essential to performing the critical work tasks affecting the total production facility. These cranes must provide the highest reliability with special attention to ease of maintenance features.


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