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H. M. Cross has been providing effective solutions to customers handling problems for many years.  Our policy has been to provide the complete system to effectively handle the load, including the support structure, i.e., bridge crane, monorail, jib cranes, gantry cranes, or manipulator; the lifting device, i.e. hoist, trolley, balancers, servo lift, etc.; and the below the hook tool, i.e. sling, grab, vacuum tool, strong bar, etc.

A survey conducted a few years ago found that 85% of all lifting applications were under 200 lbs.  With the OSHA standards for lifting currently in use, we have been applying overhead equipment to assist in the lifting of considerably lighter loads.

Some of the manufacturers we recommend are:

Spanco:  Workstation bridge cranes and monorails, jib and gantry cranes.

CM:  Broad spectrum of chain and wire rope hoists and accessories.  We especially recommend rugged Coffing Hoists.

J. D. Neuhaus:  High quality air hoists for high cycle or hazardous area applications.

Caldwell:  A huge selection of lifting beams, tongs, grabs, vacuum lifters,
special slings and special lifting devices.

Lift All:  An enormous range of web, chain and wire rope slings.

EMH:  Larger cranes.  Packaged free standing cranes to 10 tons.

Selection of lifting equipment should be very application specific.  Some things to consider are:

1.    Controlling the load is the critical thing.  Some hoists have an extra mechanical brake, some don't.  What would you want, lifting a heavy load over machinery?

2.    How often the lifting equipment will be used is also a critical factor in selecting the hoist or crane.  Simplified crane and hoist duty service classifications are as follows (normally they are separated, which doesn't make a lot of sense to us):

Electric Chain Hoists

  • Rugged Coffing EC hoists have an extra mechanical brake. One of the reasons we recommend them
  • Excellent value variable speed options
  • ¼ to 5 ton
  • Fast delivery
  • Smooth lifting and lowering (5 pocket load sheave rather than 4)

Air Hoists

  • JD Neuhaus air hoists set the standard for smooth precise speed control
  • Variable speed standard
  • Very reliable and easy to maintain
  • Pendant or manipulator controls on hook
  • Chain hoists to 100 tons
  • Low headroom
  • Light weight and compact but 100% duty rating


Wire Rope Hoists

  • Usually used for heavy loads and longer lifts on cranes or monorails
  • True vertical lift options
  • Usually integrated with a powered trolley
  • Low headroom wire rope hoists available

Manual Hoists

  • Hand chain hoists and lever hoists available
  • Low cost versions common
  • High quality, low headroom versions cost as much as electric chain hoists
  • Hard exercise for your arms, shoulders and back!


Explosion proof, offshore duty or food/clean room duty all available.

We supply slings, lifting beams, tongs, grabs, and special lifting devices.


Recent Project:

The photo shows a system of three special synchronized wire rope hoists
on a test stand in our shop. Rated at 15 tons, the system positions and levels
a delicate aerospace load to 0.1", over 85' of lift.

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We strongly recommend that as a first step you contact us (800) 333-0162 OR Email Us to discuss your application.


Hoist Duty Class Typical Areas Of Application For The Hoist HM Cross - Leader in Hoists And Cranes For Material Handling Systems -  Material Handling Equipment.
Normal Work Period For The Hoist CMAA Crane Class
Max On Time Min/Hour Max No. Starts/Hour  
H1 Powerhouse and Utilities, infrequent handling,  Hoists used primarily to install and service heavy equipment, loads frequently approach capacity and hoist idle for long periods between use. 7.5 minutes (12.5%) 75 Class A - Standby Or Infrequent Service
H2 Light machine shop fabricating, service and maintenance; loads and utilization randomly distributed; rated loads infrequently handled. Total running time not over 12.5% of the work period. 7.5 minutes (12.5%) 75 Class B - Light Service Cranes
H3 General machine shop fabricating, assembly, storage, and warehousing; loads and utilization randomly distributed.  Total running time not over 25% of work period. 15 minutes (25%) 150 Class C - Moderate Service Cranes
H4 High volume handling of heavy loads, frequently near rated load in steel warehousing, machine and fabricating shops, mills, and foundries, with total running time not over 50% of the work period.  30 minutes (50%) 300 Class D - Heavy Service Cranes
Manual or automatic cycling operations of lighter loads with rated loads infrequently handled such as in heat treating or plating operations, with total running time frequently 50% of the work period.
H5 Bulk handling of material in combination with buckets, magnets, or other heavy attachments. Equipment often cab operated. Equipment engineered for the specific application. 60 minutes (100%) 600 Class E - Severe Service

Class F - Continuous Severe Service, Highest Reliability And Ease Of Maintenance.


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