Drum Handling Equipment

Many ingenious devices to lift, move, stack, weigh, tumble, mix, and pour drums and pails are available. Morse has probably the most extensive line. Many products are in our General Material Handling catalog online.

Material Handling Dumpers

Powered dumpers are available for 5 gallon pails, fibre drums, 55 gallon drums, gaylords and semi-trailer trucks (gulp!). Electric power, air power, capacity, dump height, chutes, stainless construction, dust hoods, PLC controls are all options to be considered. Don't forget an enclosure and safety interlocked gate!

Material Handling Winches

Thern has a broad range of winches and small davit cranes.

Material Roll Handling

The choice of overhead or floor mobile equipment is often predicated by roll weight and space constraints. Roll handling conveyors are available too. There are some clever devices to pick and turn rolls 90° so they can be slid onto mandrels.

Vibratory Feeders

As well as bowl feeders, vibratory conveyors and inline feeders can be used to feed, separate, accumulate and orient parts. They can also meter granular material.

Material Handling Belting

Belting comes in a huge variety of materials for thousands of applications.

If you have a special requirement, please contact us. For things like dock equipment, hand trucks, ladders, work platforms, waste handling, and other equipment, a great place to start looking is our online Material Handling catalog.


Since 2006 we have been one of the few New York manufacturers to be members of the OSHA SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition) Program.

We strongly recommend that as a first step you contact us (800) 333-0162 to Email Us to discuss your application.


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