• Industrial Shelving Material Handling
  • Commercial Shelving Material Handling
  • Wide variety of shelf sizes available
  • Beaded (round) front post, great for easy access to record storage boxes
  • We can assist with optimizing layouts and seismic zone considerations
  • Pricing depends on quantity
  • Run aisles the long way

Recent Project: Ivy League

An Ivy League College needed to expand its records management. As well as archival storage, because the department has such a fast response, it provides current working file storage for the college. Maximizing the available shelf space for tens of thousands of storage boxes while still providing quick access was the challenge. We filled the 120' long x 90' wide x 16' high available space with double rows of single deep, single high shelving. We also supplied the guided vehicles that run in fourteen very narrow aisles, 42" wide, between the shelves.

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