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SPANCO bridge cranes and workstation bridge cranes are manufactured according to your unique dimensions and specifications.
Their overhead bridge cranes can be ceiling mounted or floor mounted.

  • 1/8 ton to 2 ton
  • Bridges to 34'
  • Column spans to 30'
  • Manual trolley or powered tractor systems
  • Ceiling supported cranes also
  • Cost effective


EMH aluminum workstation bridge cranes are a great choice for applications requiring a low headroom solution. We have a clever way of supporting the runways and the bridge that minimizes the headroom required for floor supported systems.


Recent Project: Loading and unloading 150 lb hydraulic cylinders onto and off a moving overhead paint line.

We used EMH low headroom workstation bridge cranes, J.D. Neuhaus Mini air hoists and  Industrial Magnetics magnetic lifter/tilters. The operator picked the cylinders lying horizontally on carts, lifted and tilted them vertical, then hung them on the moving Pacline overhead conveyor hooks. Unloading at the other end was the reverse operation. The operator profusely thanked us for saving his back! 


I R Zimmerman Workstation Bridge Cranes

Ingersoll Rand Zimmerman pioneered the development of pneumatic powered lifting and balancing equipment, making them the world leader in the manufacturing of ergonomic, in-process, manual assist, pick, and place systems.

For over 40 years, Ingersoll Rand Zimmerman have been serving the material handling needs of aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, food, glass, furniture, appliance, electronics, sheet metal, packaging, printing, textile and warehousing industries worldwide.

Your Complete Ergonomic Material Handling Solutions

  • For very frequent use
  • Very low rolling resistance
  • Lightweight aluminum, steel and stainless steel rails
  • Premium product for fast frequent use on assembly lines


We strongly recommend that as a first step you contact us at (800) 333-0162 or Email Us to discuss your application.


Cranes For Material Handling - The CMAA Crane Service Classes

H. M. Cross has been providing effective solutions to customers handling problems for many years.  Our policy has been to provide the complete system to effectively handle the load, including the support structure, i.e., bridge crane, monorail, jib cranes, gantry cranes, or manipulator; the lifting device, i.e. hoist, trolley, balancers, servo lift, lift tables etc.; and the below the hook tool, i.e. sling, grab, vacuum tool, strong bar, etc.

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