Nexen Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components, power transmission and web tension control products for a wide array of industrial applications. Products include high precision linear and rotary systems, linear locking components, pneumatic brakes and clutches, torque limiters and electronic tension controls. Nexen customers span every industry including aerospace, robotics, machine tool, automotive, factory automation, packaging and material handling.

We distribute Nexen motion control products. 

Linear Motion Control

     Roller pinion system - high speed, zero backlash, no cumulative error

     Linear couplings - zero axial backlash, absorb parallel misalignment and

                                    angular misalignment

     Rod locks

     Guide rail brakes

     Servomotor/Ball screw brakes


Rotary Motion Control

     Friction clutches (air-engaged)

     Tooth clutches

     Torque limiters

     Spring set brakes for E-stops

     Friction brakes (air-engaged)


     Caliper brakes