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Sew Eurodrive is a world leader in speed and torque applications. Their huge choice of ratios allows precise speed requirements to be matched easily. SEW also offers inverter duty motors at no extra charge. Upgrading to severe duty, freezer duty or adding heavy-duty bearings is simple and cost effective.

SEW Eurodrive offers the following gear motors and speed reducers:

• R-Type = Parallel helical inline (highly efficient, low backlash)
• F-Type = Snuggler parallel helical offset
• S-Type = Helical worm right angle
• K-Type = Helical bevel right angle (highly efficient, low backlash)
• W-Type = Spiral bevel right angle
• P-Type = Planetary inline (compact, highly efficient, high torque, low speed)
• Varimot & Varigear mechanical variable speed drives (with or without speed reducers and motors)
• Brake motors
• Movitrac variable speed motor controls
• Encoders
• Movimot motor/variable speed drive integrated packages

With SEW Eurodrive’s quick ship capability, broad range of ratios and many configurations, there are very few applications that we cannot handle. Foot mount, shaft mount, and flange mount units are available from fractional to hundreds of horsepower and hundreds of thousands of pounds feet of torque.

Recent Project: High Torque, Low Speed Heavy Oscillator

We designed and supplied a mechanical power transmission system to one of our material handling suppliers. Our system replaced one that failed repeatedly. It slowly oscillated a large molding box weighing 9 tons. The box was 7' x 7' x 19'. We utilized two synchronized, high torque (17,000 lb ft each) SEW Eurodrive planetary gearmotors controlled by one AC variable speed drive. We also supplied the new large diameter drive shaft, couplings and bearings.