Designing web tension control systems requires clear, logical thinking. We have supplied hundreds of tension control systems over the last two decades.

  • Get good control of the unwind roll tension. Your machine will run better and your downstream process will be more stable. It's one less variable to worry about.
  • Don't confuse tension zones.
  • Torque causes tension. Speed is different.
  • MagPowr's digital web tension controls are remarkably effective and superb value for the money.

We have clutches, brakes (magnetic particle and pneumatic), dancer controls, tension sensors, tension controls and readouts.

The MagPowr CYGNUS digital tension control is truly remarkable. It is incredibly easy to program, has a large screen, tunes itself, and has a huge list of useful features.

The VERSATEC dancer control is easy to program and tune. It is amazing how it will keep the movement of a dancer centered around the position you set it, both at full roll and core. It's a very capable ultrasonic tension controller also.


Nexen air clutches and brakes are available up to 3000 ft lbs.
We have safety chucks, web guides, air shafts and rollers.
The Nexen PC210 paper checker is great for detecting web breaks, or splices. It can detect double sheet feeds on sheet-fed machines. 
All materials including paper, films and polylaminates.


Whether you need tight tension control of fiber optic cable, vinyl sheet, paper of film, contact us.


Recent Project:  Paper Mill Turret Unwind

Our paper mill customer needed improved unwind tension control to resolve customer complaints.  We used MagPowr tensions sensors, a Cygnus tension controller and pneumatic brakes  Straightforward, except that the tension sensors are in a hazardous atmosphere and the new turret control panel was pressurized for Class 1, Division 1, Group D.